Keep it clean

Wearing a pocket square in style is one thing, keeping it clean is an other.

Is it linen, cotton, silk or wool, this essential accessory requires your full attention. 

Let's start with the easiest, cotton: Certainly the easiest to wash cloth, cotton withstands high temperature. We recommend washing at 60 ° for white cotton and 40 ° for color. You can safely use bleach on cotton. Be sure to schedule a moderately warm temperature for dyed cottons. White cotton will be fine in a high temperature. And finally, to rid your wallet of its cotton unsightly creases , heat the steam iron and iron there at high temperature.

Like cotton , linen can boil. We recommend washing at 60° for white linen and 40° for colored linen. It is a very light material and crumples easily : ironing at high temperature is essential. Make sure you use a lot of steam and iron slightly damp cloth. It is recommended to let your linen pocket square dry naturally. For white, sun drying is a plus: it thus retain its clarity.

If you have a pocket square of silk and/or wool first, congratulations ! This choice reveals exquisite taste in fashion and style. However, you have not chosen the most easy to wash fabrics. It is impossible to take these delicate fabrics casually in the machine as you can do with cotton. This is why you must be careful. Silk and wool normally wash cold by hand. If you prefer to use the washing machine, choose a short cycle at 30° using a detergent for delicates. They should in no case be drained or go in the dryer.

It is possible to iron silk and wool but only at very low temperatures.